Call Recording Software for Management of Calls made on your phone or pabx

MAN3000 is a state of the art call accounting software. It is a compatible solution for IP-PBXs, digital and Unified communications systems. When you want to enable cost control and traffic analysis. When you need intelligent tracking of all calls and support for multiple data source types. These include pabx systems, gateways, mobile phones and video conferencing.

Users easily produce customizable reports. Use our intuitive multi-dimensional configurable query generator with drill-down capabilities. Our solution is also fully web-based. It provides insights to the call costs and overall traffic volume analysis across your business.

The MAN3000 TMS can also provide departmental telephone bill allocation for budgetary purposes. One can also track project data through the use of client or account codes. The functionality extends to indicating whether a call was incoming, outgoing or transferred to another extension. Caller ID is also provided and will be listed in the reports.

A valuable function of the TMS is its ability to indicate call traffic volumes. Reports also indicate the number of times the switchboard rang before it was answered. Details is also provided on abandoned calls in the detailed list.

Set up budgets per user or extension and allocate quotas. Quotas where users are allocated a budget which once reached sends an alert to the administrator. Snet either email or block the extension user from making any further calls unless the administrator intervenes and unblocks the extension.


call recording software

Call Recording Software Telephone Management System:

  • Stable with friendly interfacesoftware
  • Easy setup, install and maintain
  • provides excellent call record monitoring and cost control
  • Significantly cut enterprise’s telecom cost
  • Rich functions for hotel telephone fee charges
  • Combines with all our Voicelog PCI products.
  • Search call recording bill records,and multi-report outputs
  • Generates monthly database automatically
  • With high flexibility to all kinds of telecom charge schemes, no need to upgrade software
    every time a charge scheme is changed
  • Supports all kinds of leased line charge MAN3000

System can run on Windows95/98/2000/NT/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10