Telephone call recording device-Voicelog2 Two line USB Recorder

Telephone call recording device-Voicelog2 Two line Analog USB Call Recorder

Telephone call recording device Voicelog2 is a dual channel analogue voice recorder. Record,monitor and e-mail all conversations at a great price
2-Channels Voicelogger / Voice Recorder : Voicelog USB is a Telephone Voice Recording System for a multiple channel telephone recording system that uses PC and Recording USB buffer to record telephone conversations, dialed numbers and caller IDs.

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General Voicelog Features:

>Records up to 02 Channels simultaneously and automatically on one PC.
>Logs dialed number(DTMF) and receives Caller ID.
>Stores record files to hard disk.
>Find and Play recordings indexed by date, line number, caller ID, or DTMF number dialed , from local or other computers on local area network(LAN).
>Convert recordings to wave files which can be played in Microsoft Media player.
>Robust design and simple interface for fail-safe but user-friendly day to day operation

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