Telephone call recording device Voicelog2 is a dual channel analogue voice recorder. Record,monitor and e-mail all conversations at a great price
2-Channels Voicelogger / Voice Recorder : Voicelog USB is a Telephone Voice Recording System for a multiple channel telephone recording system that uses PC and Recording USB buffer to record telephone conversations, dialed numbers and caller IDs.

The two line call recording device can be set up easily to record either on the line side (trunk side) or extension side (user side) if you are using a telephone pabx system. It can also be used as a conventional recorder to record to normal analogue lines. The system software needs to be installed on a PC and then you simply connect the recording device to PC via USB connection. Setup of the unit is straightforward.


Voicelog2 telephone call recording device features:

>Records up to 02 Channels simultaneously and automatically on one PC.
>Logs dialed number(DTMF) and receives Caller ID.
>Stores record files to hard disk.
>Find and Play recordings indexed by date, line number, caller ID, or DTMF number dialed , from local or other computers on local area network(LAN).
>Convert recordings to wave files which can be played in Microsoft Media player.
>Robust design and simple interface for fail-safe but user-friendly day to day operation

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