Stand alone Call recorder Voicelog DAR


Call recorder Voicelog DAR is a digital recording system that activates and deactivates on a single analog line or normal telephone

  • stand-alone call recorder unit, working independently without a PC being required.
  • Built-in TF card for large storage capacity, high speed for data transmission, easy to expand and portable for carrying.
  • Database management is easy and recorded files can be searched and read conveniently.
  • Recording includes complete voice recording, start time and date, call in/out numbers.
  • The database can be searched by telephone number, length of call, in/outbound call, time, date.
  • Voicelog DAR Call Recorder has SD card for storage of telephone conversations
  • Complete call records-Record call conversation, Call Type, Date, Time, Incoming / Outgoing Number, Call duration and recording duration
  • Real time call monitor
  • Manage and back up recordings
  • Automatic & Manual Telephone Call Recording Records all calls automatically as default or configures it as manual start
  • SD card storage-4GB SD Card to record 130 hours Telephone Conversation
  • High quality speaker for call recorded playback audio
  • Helps you record telephone conversations discreetly
  • The unit is small enough to tuck away or hide
  • Captures calls silently without the user getting to know

stand alone call recorder whats in the boxstand alone call recorder rear view

Record Crystal Clear Phone Call Conversations voice activated with a mini audio recorder. Its the ultimate spy gadget. It’s super small and very light. It also has a high quality microphone with the ability to record crystal-clear conversations.

It’s So Small And Convenient to move around this mini audio recorder is perfect for recording hands-free calls. Perfect for also recording conference or business calls and any other conversations.

The device will never miss out on any recording that you want. Voice activated recording means it only starts recording when it hears the voice.

This device does not require  pushing on and off buttons. A really cool feature. It means you won’t record any unwanted long silent pauses.

Never miss out on recording an important conversation. Most other products require you to push an “on” button. You may not always have a chance to make the recording count when you need it.